Bigg Boss Malayalam Vote | Season 4 | Online voting

    Bigg Boss Malayalam Vote Season 4

    Bigg Boss Malayalam Vote | Season 4 | Online voting

    The popularity of Bigg Boss Malayalam has been on an upward trajectory since it first aired in 2018. The success of Bigg Boss Malayalam Vote is in large parts thanks to the viewers who have voted for their favourite contestants.

    The famous Reality Tv Show Bigg Boss Hindi has been broadcasting in many languages and it’s franchises like the Telugu version, Tamil vote for this show. Other than that there is also a Kannada version called ‘Bigg Boss Kannada’.
    You can always find out the latest updates on Bigg Boss Malayalam by checking their Telly Tarka. It has detailed information about how to vote, what time you should call in for voting.

    Bigg Boss Malayalam 4 Voting Poll

    Note: Unofficial Poll
    (Disclaimer: The above vote poll of Bigg boss is conducted by to know about public opinion, not official. To Vote Properly You Need To Follow Steps Those Are Told Below.)


    Bigg Boss Malayalam Vote Hotstar App


    To Vote through Hotstar Android And IOS Applications, you need to perform following steps.

    Step 1: Download Hotstar Android Or IOS Application (If You Don’t Have Already) From Google Play Store/ App Store.
    Step 2: Go To Google Play Store/ App Store & Search Hotstar.
    Step 3: Download the First Application (Hotstar Application) Shown.
    Step 4: Open the Hotstar Application.
    Step 5: Create An Account Or Just Sign In With Google Or Facebook Quick Log In.
    Step 6: Write Bigg Boss Voting In Search Bar.
    Step 7: Nominated Contestants Will Be Shown There With Pictures.
    Step 8: Select Your Favourite Contestant and Hit The Submit Button.
    Step 9: Done, Your Vote Has Submitted.


    Bigg Boss Malayalam Vote Google Search


    Step 1: Create a Gmail Account if you don’t have any already.
    Step 2: Go to Google and search “Bigg Boss Malayalam Vote“, ” Bigg Boss Malayalam Voting.”
    Step 3: Or you can Click here and vote.
    Step 4: Pictures of your Bigg Boss Malayalam participants will show. You have 50 votes per day. So you can give all of these votes to one contestant, or you can also spread these votes among different contestants.
    Step 5: Now press the button to submit, and your votes for different candidates will get saved.

    You can Save Your Time And Can Click On This Button and Vote For Your Favourite Contestant.

    Note: Keep in mind that online voting is only acceptable between Monday 10 PM to Friday at 11:59 PM. You need to do voting before Midnight of Friday.


    Bigg Boss Malayalam 4 Contestants

    Janaki SudheerActress
    Robin RadhakrishnanDoctor
    Shalini NairVJ / Anchor
    Kutty AkhilActor
    Ronson VincentActor
    Aswin VijayMagician
    Sooraj ThelakkadActor
    Dilsha PrasannanDancer
    Manikandan ThonnakkalYouTuber
    Suchithra NairActress
    Aparna MulberryTeacher
    Daisy DavidPhotographer
    Jasmine MoosaFitness Trainer
    Dhanya VargheseActress
    Lakshmi PriyaActress
    Naveen ArakkalActor


    Akhil Kutty – Comedian [Comedy Stars; Asianet]

    Aparna Mulberry – American-Chilean brought up in Kerala, YouTuber, English teacher

    Aparna bigg boss malayam 4


    Aswin Vijay – Magician and Mentalist [India Book of Records and Asia Book of Records]

    Aswin v bigg boss malayam 4


    Daisy David – Photographer

    daisy bigg boss malayam 4


    Dhanya Mary Varghese – Film and TV actress.

    Dilsha Prasannan – Dancer and TV actress

    dilsha bigg boss malayam 4


    Janaki Sudheer – Film actress and Model.

    Jasmine M. Moosa – Fitness trainer.

    jasmine bigg boss malayam 4


    Lakshmi Priya – Film actress

    LAKSHMIPRIYA bigg boss malayam 4.


    Muhammad Diligent Blesslee – Musician and Lyricist

    m diligent blesslee bigg boss malayam 4


    Naveen Arakkal – Television actor

    naveen bigg boss malayam 4


    Nimisha P S – Model

    Nimisha P S bigg boss malayam 4


    Robin Radhakrishnan – Doctor [Chat with Doctor Machaan; Kaumudy TV]

    robin r b bigg boss malayam 4

    Ronson Vincent – Television actor

    ronson bigg boss malayam 4


    Shalini Nair – Master of ceremonies

    Sooraj Thelakkad – Actor, Comedian and TV presenter.

    Sooraj A bigg boss malayam 4


    Suchithra Nair – TV actress.

    Manikandan Thonnakkal – Malayalam Teacher, Villadichampaatu performer, YouTuber, Mimicry artist.

    Riyas Salim – A Feminist, Social Media Influencer and engineer by profession.

    Vinay Madhav – Anchor, Cook


    Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 4 Weekly Nominations | Eliminations 

    Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 4 Nominations | Eliminations (7th Week)

    • Nimisha PS (Eliminated)
    • Jasmin Moosa
    • Ronson Vincent
    • Dilsha Prasannan
    • Muhammed Blesslee
    • Robin RB


    Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 4 Nominations | Eliminations (6th Week)

    • Robin RB
    • Muhammed Blesslee
    • Lakshmi Priyaa
    • Dilsha Prasannan
    • Ronson Vincent
    • Jasmin Moosa
    • Nimisha PS


    Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 4 Nominations | Eliminations (5th Week)

    • Robin RB
    • Muhammed Blesslee
    • Lakshmipriyaa
    • Aparana Mulberry
    • Dilsha Prasannan
    • Ronson Vincent
    • Naveen Akrakkal (Eliminated)
    • Jasmin Mossa
    • Daisy David (Eliminated)


    Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 4 Nominations | Eliminations (4th Week)

    • Robin RB
    • Sooraj A
    • Aswin V (Eliminated)
    • Muhammed Blesslee
    • Manikandan (Walked Out)


    Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 4 Nominations | Eliminations (3rd Week)

    • Aswin Vijay
    • Lakshmipriyaa
    • Jasmine M Moosa
    • Daisy David
    • Naveen Arakkal
    • Shalini (Eliminated)
    • Akhil B S


    Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 4 Nominations | Eliminations (2nd Week)

    • Disha Prasannan
    • Muhammed Blesslee
    • Aswin V
    • Jasmin Moosa
    • Ronson Vincent
    • Robin RB
    • Nimisha PS (Secret Room)
    • Daisy David



    Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 4 Eliminations Process


    The Housemates are in a competition to see who can get nominated by the other contestants. The one with the lowest number of votes will be eliminated at week’s end. The eliminated housemate comes outside of the Bigg Boss House and all their fellow contestants are there to see them off. The host tells a nominate that they will be leaving soon, but not before giving some parting words about how much value he/she brought into this competition.

    The host of the show brings out a participant from house and then re-plays their time in there on screen for all to see. They ask some questions about how things were inside, what people said behind your back? Who is talking bad towards whom now that they’re gone.


    Bigg Boss Malayalam Host


    Mohanlal is one of the most popular actors in India, with over 350 films under his belt. He’s been awarded for his work both regionally and nationally – including five National Film Awards! Some other notable roles by this celebrated actor include Kireedam, Bharatham, Vanaprastham, Pulimurugan. He Is Going To Host Bigg Boss Malayalam Again And Let An Audience Cherish His Presence.

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