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    Bigg Boss 15 Vote

    Bigg Boss 15 has finally come to a close with Tejashwi Prakash being announced as the winner. She received prize money worth 40 lakhs, which is quite impressive for any person! Her boyfriend Karan Kundra finished third place and Rashmi Desai also made it into top 5 contestants alongside Nishant Bhat. This year there were five total contestants: Rashmi Desai became evicted Saturday night after being eliminated early during Monday morning voting rounds.


    You can’t afford to miss this! The poll for Bigg Boss Vote 16 is open now and you have the chance of safe your favourite contestant. Add your vote before it’s too late, because there is very tough competition.


    The voting process plays an important role in this season’s Bigg Boss show. Every week, one member of the house will be evicted from their nominated position amidst several other contestants who were vying for it as well; you can see which candidates are left standing by tuning into your favourite streaming service when episodes start rolling out!


    In addition to discussing everything related with elimination nights at home – like how many people got voted off each day (or even just today!), we’ll also discuss all aspects involved regarding voting happening.



    You can go ahead and vote using one of two methods: either by phone or online via Google Play Store/App store. We’ve got all sorts here from missed calls on phones right through SMS messages sent directly from smartphones.



    The voting process in the Bigg Boss house is always exciting.

    Every week, there’s a public poll where everyone gets to vote for their favourite contestants from among all those who have been eliminated over time via various methods like online or text messaging; it’s not just one type of elimination that takes place but many! If you want more information on how these things work then I recommend reading this article because we’ll tell you everything about them.



    Bigg Boss Overview

    From everyday people to celebrities, Bigg Boss has a variety of housemates. Contestants come from different walks in life and have their own profession or trade as well! This show is about how they live together in the house while striving for victory at all costs.


    The Indian version of Big Brother, known as “Bigg Boss” has started in 2007 with Arshad Warsi hosting it. The show became a major hit and garnered huge amounts or TRP because people loved to watch what happens inside the house- especially when there are fights between contestants! This reality series is unlike any other; not only does it provide entertainment but also teaches viewers about life lessons through example while they’re voting wisely on who should win each competition throughout its duration

    In recent years India’s most popular TV Programme ‘BIgg boss’ in six language versions have been telecasted world wide.


    Bigg Boss Vote Methods

    Bigg Boss voting can be done in two different ways – online and offline. You have the option to vote through Voot’s mobile application or on their website, which both procedures will require you follow certain steps depending upon what method is chosen by yourself as mentioned below!


    Method Is Following To Do Bigg Boss Voting Through Voot Application.
    Step 1: Download Voot Android Application (If You Don’t Have Already) From Google Play Store.

    Step 2: Go To Google Play Store & Search Voot.

    Step 3: Download the First Application (Voot Application) Shown.

    Step 4: Open the Voot Application.

    Step 5: Create An Account Or Just Sign In With Google Or Facebook Quick Log In.

    Step 6: Write Bigg Boss Voting In Search Bar.

    Step 7: Nominated Contestants Will Be Shown There With Pictures.

    Step 8: Select Your Favorite Contestant and Hit The Submit Button.

    Step 9: Done, Your Vote Is Counted.


    You can also vote for your favourite Bigg Boss Reality Show contestants through laptop or desktop. All you need to follow are the steps that I will now outline below!

    Step 1: Go to Voot Website.

    Step 2: Create An Account or Just Login With Google and Facebook.

    Step 3: Go To Search Box, Type Bigg Boss Vote.

    Step 4: Housemates those are nominated will come up with their pictures.

    Step 5: Click The Housemate You Want Top Save.

    Step 6: Hit The Submit Button.

    Step 7: Done, Your Vote has Registered.



    Missed calls can be a great way to get your vote counted when you’re not able or prepared for an online method.

    Step 1: Note Down The Voting Number Of Your Favourite Contestant.

    Step 2: Go To Your Phone Dialler.

    Step 3: Paste The Voting number.

    Step 4: Hit The Dial Button.

    Step 5: Done, You Have Played Your Part To Save Your Favourite Contestant.


    You can go ahead and vote using one of two methods: either by phone or online via Google Play Store/App store. We’ve got all sorts here from missed calls on phones right through SMS messages sent directly from smartphones.


    The much-awaited Bigg Boss season 16 is going to start from September 2022. The show will be hosted by Salman Khan and it’s a reality TV contest where contestants live in isolation for months, with the goal being that they can win ₹ 50 lakh by remaining loyal towards their partners while also completing tasks set out before them throughout this time period!


    Name Bigg Boss
    Host Salman Khan
    Channel Colors Tv
    Timing 9:00 PM – 10:30 PM
    Genre Reality Show
    Release Date 03-Oct
    Language Hindi
    Running Time 90 Minutes
    Prize Money ₹ 50,00,000
    Broadcaster Colors Tv
    Production Company Endemol India
    Production Location EVP World
    Country India




    Bigg Boss Nominations Weekly

    The housemates with most votes are nominated for the eviction process, and on weekends Salman Khan comes to screen himself. The one who got least amount of nominations was evicted from this game last week!



    Bigg Boss Frequently Asked Questions

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